Cordura Molle Red Dot Sight Handgun Holster, Right Hand Draw


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A new Molle handgun holster option for Red Dot Sight semi-autos and those without. There is a cut-out to allow the sight to fit into the holster.  It’s a bit cleaner and smaller than the HD holster we’ve had for some time.  It will take guns with barrels up to 5″.  We have one on our vest now.  Product image show this holster in the middle with the LW Cordura Holster and HD Cordura Holster flanking it for comparison.

It’s very adjustable for barrel length and snugness with Velcro, and has the snap keeper at the top (also adjustable).  It does look like a holster unlike the smaller Cordura LW Pistol Holster, and exposes the gun a little more.

Photos show a Glock 26 (baby) with a small mag extension and no Red Dot, with the barrel end rest adjusted as short as it goes.  We recommend either the front pocket flap Molle panel mounting or XL Gamebag side panels depending on access required.


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