Ultimate Direction 54 oz Bottles



Not everyone enjoys using hydration reservoirs!  Another extra water option is our  BPA Free 54 oz bottle for the Gamebag pouch or either long shellpocket.  The oval shape fits comfortably in the pocket and boosts vest water capacity to 118 oz. with one bottle.  They have a very rugged pop-up spout which handles dogs well, and adds a lumbar bump supporting the lower back when full or empty.  These bottles balance out well with an opposite pocket of shells, and for trainers one in each side keeps a lot of water handy without going to the Gamebag pouch.  They are marked with both ounces and liters for easy mixing of powdered electrolytes, etc.

When carried in the back pouch, we like using the big bottle as a reservoir for the 32 oz side bottles.

We currently have a large inventory of these bottles in stock, 24 per carton.  If interested in a bulk order and pricing, please let us know.  UD discontinued these bottles several years ago, but they have worked so well we made a special order.Bottles1

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 8 in


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