About Wingworks

    Gear choices.  They can enhance or detract, and it can take a lot of trial and error to find what works.   It started from wanting a better vest for our own hunting.

    First,  customizing existing equipment,  then trying new concepts with lots of head scratching and input from friends.  The new vest equation mixes the shooter’s need for flexibility and fluid movement with the hunter’s need for comfortable carrying capacity.  Also facilitating clothing options in a wide variety of climates and terrain.  Caring for dogs often requires more space for incidentals and more water.  It’s a tough environment for a vest,  dragged through thickets and thorns, tossed on rocks and pick-up beds, sniffed and chewed on by dogs and bled on by game.

    We bring lots of enthusiasm,  years of exploring the West with dogs, and a trial and error approach to product development.  No fashion sense, and little experience in contract sewing and retailing.  It’s been a challenge to integrate new designs and materials into a traditional pastime without losing the best of the old.  We’re grateful to the resurgence of US manufactured military gear and sewing expertise, and predict  that field once again influencing recreation products as it did following WW2, with individual soldiers now more involved in choosing their personal equipment.  Meeting and working with great people makes any business a lot easier, as does sharing fun with old friends and family members.

    Not being quite as evolved as we’re told we should be, many of us reach back to our atavistic past for grounding and a more fundamental interaction with the natural world.  It’s the constant, the thread that connects generations, ancestors, in our DNA.  Those that learn to know and thrive there find steady inspiration, interest and adventure; tests of fitness, intuition, tenacity and awareness.  If one happens to discover the world of bird hunting,  they’ll find an incredible variety of landscapes and quarry,  a return to source and fundamentals,  a pursuit that offers more chances at redemption than most other  hunting.  Then of course the dogs and all they teach us.

    Thanks for checking us out!

    Bob Welsh@Wingworks