XL Gamebag Coyote Molle Side Pouch

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Note:  These pouches are sold individually@$22.00.

These pouches are a nice add-on for extra cargo on the XL Gamebags with the Molle panels on each side.  One notable feature is they don’t add any width to the vest beyond the water bottle holsters. 

At 7″H x 5″W x 2.5″D they are typical of many Molle field medical pouches with a 3/4 zipper and elastic webbing to hold down various tools and bandages, but also versatile for lots of other items.  

The straps on the back unsnap at one end and are weaved in and down through the horizontal Molle straps, then re-snapped for a very secure connection to the gamebag.  


1 review for XL Gamebag Coyote Molle Side Pouch

  1. taranyork93 (verified owner)

    Large storage area, easy on and off and can hold alot of accessories​ for the field as seasons change and hunting different game.

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