Ballistic Retro-fit Belt w/Long Pockets- out of stock


Out of stock


We recently removed belt lengths from this listing and instead ask customers to include their height, weight and “waist at navel” measurement in the text input section at Checkout.  All belts are priced the same.  

For those of you who with to upgrade or expand your vest’s flexibility these are the latest “Long Pockets” in inventory, 6″ wide with Molle attachment panels, and electronics/accessory pockets.  These are designed to ride under the shoulders to avoid bumping the legs and thighs, and connect by strap through the water holsters to the gamebag.  Very little movement in these long shellbags when walking or climbing.

Check out the Molle related accessories for pocket flap options, but keep in mind that most will tuck Velcro the long flap inside the pocket on their strong side for easier shell access.  The deep pockets will prevent shell spills in all but the most extreme situations.  The most popular Molle pocket attachments are the iPhone 6/7+ and the 2 sidearm holsters.  The front pouches will hold most handhelds for dog electronics including Astros and Alphas, also 8 oz bear sprays.

Includes front harness straps and D rings so the belt can be swapped out of an existing vest without tools.




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