Reversible Shapeshift 2L Reservoir by Hydrapak



The original Hydrapak reversible reservoir was a big improvement over ordinary screw cap systems. The reversible reservoir elite combines the easy cleaning, drying, and filling that defined the original with a new slide-seal closure that is easier, faster, and more intuitive. Hydrapak also now have a single seam weld that makes the elite even stronger.  These reservoirs are polyurethane, BPA Free, and extremely tough and easy to clean by turning inside-out for a ride in the dishwasher.

Great option for the hunter who chooses to remove the 32 oz water holsters to reduce their profile in the thick grouse/woodcock cover. Or just an option to make water more available without accessing a rear pouch bottle. These are sold with the non-insulated drink tube, with the insulated one available as an upgrade. another add-on option is the Hydrant Tube Kit with an inline squeeze pump built in for faster water delivery.

These 2L Shapeshift is quite compatable with the Wingworks Vests gamebag 9″x9″ pouch. The 2L Shapehift has a center baffle that keeps the shape rather flat, no more than 2 1/2″ thick, leaving more room for birds. It does extend 3″ above the top of the pouch, but is totally supported. 

We’ve found the easiest way to route the tube on the WW vests is to come out of the pouch, then under either shell pocket flap and up to the sternum strap. We have found Bungee Slides on the sternum strap offers a good tube connect, with 6+” of tube extending upwards from the clip.  Insulated drink tubes are available under another product listing.

As many reservoirs start out with a “plastic” tasting water, one trick we recommend is to fill the reservoir and tube with water, add 1/4″ cup of lemon juice and a little baking soda, then freeze overnight and let melt at room temperature. Some experts recommend draining the drink tube and storing reservoirs in the freezer between uses to inhibit bacterial growth.


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