Coyote Cordura Molle Handgun Holster/Pouch



The Coyote Cordura Molle Pistol Holster replaces our Removable Pistol Holster that involved velcro and snaps.  This one’s cheaper and more versatile, and requires no extra work on the newer vest pockets with Molle, and is easy on and off and switches sides.  The narrow 2 Molle strap profile fits proportionally to the long pocket flaps, and allows mounting on left or right sides, with the pistol turned either way inside the holster.  It will fit most smaller semi-autos, with a mid sized Glock as a good fit.  Smaller revolvers with shorter barrels also, like the “mountain guns.”

There is elastic webbing strap running horizontally across the holster to tension the fit.  This holster both protects and hides a handgun better than our old option, and flies under the radar with its’ non-typical holster appearance. We’ve also found it holds cable cutters and other plier -like tools pretty well.  Roughly 8″ long by 3″ wide by 2.5″ deep.MollePistol1


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