FullForce 2L Power Hydration Reservoir


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Hydrapak has discontinued this reservoir/pump combo, we’re out of them but working on getting more. 

Power hydration at its best. The Full-Force 2L reservoir is a pressure activated hydration system. Equipped with an easy-to-use squeeze bulb that sprays water at your command – whether you’re dousing yourself, cleaning your gear or hydrating your dog. Of course like all HydraPak reservoirs, it’s fast-filling, leak-proof and fully reversible for easy cleaning.

This unit is a good fit in the Wingworks Gamebag hydration pouch and we’ve enjoyed using it with a small water filter when hunting around lakes for an easy re-fill.  The one hose pump unit hooks conveniently on the sternum strap, routing from gamebag under either arm and up.  It’s nice to get a good flow of water in any position, especially for impatient dogs ready to get back into action.  Sort of like an Indy car pitstop.  The first reservoir we’ve reached for over bottles.  If you’re big on bladders, consider the XL gamebag to leave more room for birds.

It’s a good option for those who want to remove the holsters and water bottles in thick cover.  The polyurethane bladder is seriously tough, and the drink tube has enough insulation built-in for all but the coldest conditions.  The tube comes long, and for some will have to be cut to suit.  The tube is compatible with the other Hydrapak reservoirs we have sold, though it’s not yet available separately.  


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