12 Ga Shell Holder, 2″ Belt Mount



This shotshell holder is from the tactical shotgun world and currently available only for 12 ga. shells.  For those of you who shoot a 12, and hunt or shoot with a Wingworks Vest, this item is a useful replacement for the 2″ loop fitting that holds the loose end of the vest’s 2″ belt.

Made of rugged molded plastic it holds shells at an easy grab angle slanting away from the shooter.  We often use this as a handy spot for 2 loads of buckshot to protect the bird dogs, or a couple of stout pheasant loads when quail hunting.  The split back of the holder can be worked onto most 2″ belts without sliding everything else off first.  There is plenty of room for most belts and another layer or two including the belt end.ShellHolderBelt



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