Professional Quality Dog Box, Truck Topper Aluminum Doors


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4/4/24  Turnaround on kennel accessories has typically been 2-3 days.

We’ve built a few dog toppers for trucks from wood, and a few from factory fiberglass toppers. If you’re building something that looks good, that you can sell someday, the doors and hardware are the most time consuming part. These components are so well made, inexpensive and easy to install that many manufacturers buy them for their own units. Whether a topper, bed box or kennel box these will save a ton of time and give your project a professional look. Perimeter angle aluminum allows a 1/2″ lap over an exact opening for rivet, glue, or screw attachment. The door/frame tolerance is not designed to be totally weather proof, but is sufficient for most uses.  More door and application photos are available on the Gallery page.

Door orders are drop shipped by FedEx or common carrier from manufacturer, actual shipping charges will be email invoiced or charged prior to shipping.  Orders are subject to manufacturer’s inventory on hand and batch scheduling, so lead times can vary.

Doors are all  keyed alike, and ordered LH (left hinge) or RH (right hinge). They have slide-out armor plate weather/security barriers that have worked well for us in rain and snow conditions, sealing out both.

New is a taller door by 6″ over the standard size for taller dogs.  Previously these were not available except built-in to dog boxes.  Taller doors will not fit on camper shell retrofits that fit flush to cab heights.

Standard Door Measurements

Trim Perimeter  16″ x 18 1/4″

Frame Perimeter (cut size)  15″ x 17 1/4″

Actual Door Opening  13″ x 15 3/8″

Tall Door Measurements

Trim Perimeter  16″ x 24 1/4″

Frame Perimeter (cut size)  15″ x  23 1/4″

Actual Door Opening  13″ x 21 3/8″




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