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    October 8, 2010

    WingWorks welcomes your comments and reviews. Our previous site had generated some great vest reviews, but we decided to start over and keep them fresh. If you’d like to see more discussion and reviews, do a search for “WingWorks” on your favorite upland hunting forum.

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    1. JH says:

      What a fantastic vest and the best part, it’s made in the USA!!! Keep up the great work guys, from customer service to just talking to you about the product before you buy, they are GREAT!!!! ONE VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER, I’ll be back!!! JLH

    2. tjh says:

      I received my vest last week. Only took a couple of days for delivery. Fit great. Looks great. Functions perfectly. If you are looking for strap vest, look no further. I have to carry water for my dogs and myself and was not fatigued after dragging around nearly a gallon for the dogs and myself. Buy the vest! No I don’t work for WingWork. email me if you have questions…

    3. Brian says:

      I purchased my vest a month ago, and its the best money i ever spent. Customer service is great. In fact i think i spoke with the owner. I wore it in south dakota last month. At one time i was caring five birds, water, shells, extra coat, and several other little things. it might look small but packs a big punch. I always wore a front load vest not anymore. Great job.

    4. Dave says:

      Every once in a while you come across the perfect design, and this is it. I own four strap vests now, and am happy to say this will be my last. I just wore it for seven straight days of big walking with a full load and have no pain or soreness in my shoulders or back at all. It’s amazing.

      Great customer service. Great quality. Great design. Made in the USA. What’s not to like?

      If you are a serious bird hunter, this is your vest. It feels heavy and has many nooks and crannys, but it carries like a dream and it seems like everything has a place and fits like a glove.

      Don’t worry. Buy one. You won’t regret it.

    5. David says:

      Wow, just received my vest a few days ago. Great, fast service! It fit like a glove right out of the box. First day hunting was a nice balmy fall day. Next day saw snow and the vest was easy to adjust for my parka. This vest is awesome. Wished I had bought one sooner. The workmanship is exquisite. I especially liked how the pockets were packed with paper so that access is readily easy.

    6. louis racick says:

      Look I would like to say thanks my father was very happy and i mean happy when he opened his box on x-mas morn thanks for getting there in time . So now I am saving up for my vest this product hands down is the best.

    7. Russ / Texas says:

      Hey guys , yall make a great upland vest for hunters and a perfect vest for guides. It carries alot of birds and plenty oh water with great back support and no slippage. I recommend it to all my customers. Thanks for making my job easier on my dogs and my back.

    8. Scott / Ohio says:

      I just wanted to let you guys know I love your vest. I have gone through my share of vests while bird hunting over the past 15 years. This is the most comfortable and practical vest I’ve ever worn. I usually hunt out west a couple of times a year and really put in the hours in the field. It’s not uncommon to hunt for four days in a row and hunt for 6 to 8 hours each day. This vest really takes the load off..Thanks

    9. Jim McCann says:

      Loving my Wing Works vest! I hunt a lot here in Alaska during my 9 month long upland season,and I cover a lot of tuff miles and often in tuff weather. The WW vest is the finest vest I’ve ever worn! It does everything a vest can possibly do, and it’s very comfortable to wear. The only thing that might be better is to have someone else carry all my stuff.


      Jim McCann
      Outdoor Writer

    10. Bob McKie says:

      Received my Blaze Ballistic Vest yesterday, and I am overwhelmed with the fine workmanship. It is clear that I will probably wear out before the vest does! While it will be a while before it gets used for actual hunting, I’ll use it training starting this afternoon. Thanks
      for making such a fine product.

    11. Matt says:

      Simply put after 1 hunting season…the best vest your hard earned money can buy! HANDS DOWN!!

    12. Steven says:

      I will never buy another one again….I will not have to this vest is the greatest…I bought one last year, and this vest is indestructible. You can believe the weight you can carry in it and it feels as if the vest is empty. Custer service is awesome they returned every phone message I left…Heck they even give you there cell phone number out for you to reach them…Thanks again for a great product

    13. Glen Bahde says:

      I studied every upland bulletin board and internet site for a vest. I talked to people all over the country and this vest kept popping up as the top vest every where. What was interesting was who was saying it. It was the old hard core hunters that hate change. It was the guys that spend 60 days plus in the field that were going wow. It was guides, it was western hunters, it was guys that ran more then one dog.

      Where you see this vest is out west hours from any where. You will see it in post with dead birds in and around in it in pictures because the hunters that know how to find birds and put them in the bag will be unloading those birds out of this vest. It’s a quality vest made for hunters that go to the effort of finding and killing wild birds in tough country.

      Check this hunter’s blog out about it.

    14. Brad Durski says:

      Ordered a vest two weeks ago and received it within a week and what a difference from the vest I was using previous. Couldn’t even tell I was wearing it! I’ve owned three Buck’s Bags’ over the years and the Wingworks Vest is tops. Thanks to everyone at Wingworks and especially Bob! I am recommending them to everyone!


    15. Tres Maccollum says:

      I wanted to let you know that I have been out hunting (and that’s a loose term as quail numbers are way down again this year) enough times with your vest to say it’s the best I’ve ever used in terms of fit, function and carrying a load. I have dropped some dollars on other “premium” vests and they don’t compare to yours.

    16. Scott says:

      I have had this vest for several years now,Im not sure how long. I tried to buy the vest your first year some production problems did not allow the vest to get on the market. I bought it the next year. I have hunted hard with it every year and still love it. This year in SD I had my first issue. One of the suspender stap buckle broke. The amount of time I have worn it from SD, IA, WI, MN and IL bird hunting. THis vest is incredible. I cannot beleive the weight it carries and I dont feel it.
      BUY ONE! You wont regret it.

    17. Bob Sorvaag says:

      This is the ideal vest that I have been looking for and hoping someone would design for many seasons.It is so much better than any of the other vests I’ve owned. Since I received this vest in late November I’ve used it several times a week hunting Idaho pheasant and chukar. This vest gives me a custom fit with balanced comfort. I love the functional design that allows me to carry ample water for me and my dogs. The game bag is easy to reach and shells don’t fall out of the strategically located pockets. Long hard hunts chasing chukar or wild roosters no longer ends with the old strain on overweighted shoulders and back. I totally appreciate this vest…it really adds to the joy of the hunt!

    18. Mike McMasters says:

      I waited until the season was over before I decided to make a comment. Quail and chukker hunting in California was better than it’s been in 10 years, so I gave it a true test. The results were everything I’d hoped for and more. In the past my wife had made my vest based on all my recommedations but your vest truly out did anything I could come up with. I gave it a true test and recommend it to anyone who hunts hard.

    19. Katy, Newtown Kennels says:

      The custom fit of this vest is awesome. I’ve never had a vest fit this well, keeps the weight where it doesn’t hurt. Looking forward to hunting with my Red Tail with this vest. I know that the weight of jack rabbits won’t hurt like it can with the other popular vests I have used. Thank you Bob and Pete!

    20. Chris Gentner says:

      Last year was my first season hunting with my new “WingWorks” upland hunting vest, and I was very pleased. The vest seems sturdy and very well made. The shoulder straps and waist belt are very adjustable, enabling one to carry most of the weight of the vest and water on your hips – as opposed to your back and shoulders. There are two features of this vest that I really appreciate
      1. The game bag portion of the vest is roomy enough to carry a limit of pheasant anywhere but in Mexico. The best feature of the bag is the way it rests open when being worn due to the rigid side panels inside the bag. This makes it very easy to place birds in the bag without taking the vest off or contorting yourself into a pretzel.
      2. The pockets of this vest are deep and easily accessible. You can cover the pockets with a flap when you are climbing/crawling or are in inclement weather. When not needed, the flaps Velcro to the inside of the pocket for quicker access to shells. This really is a great design.
      I would say that the only drawback I seem to have with the vest is the lack of an integrated H2O bladder. Two 32 oz. water bottles are included with the vest. I purchased an additional 54 oz. bottle for a mere $8.00. I seem to go through water quite a bit faster with bottles than I do with a bladder system. Ideally for my purposes I would like to have the 32 oz. bottles on the outside of the vest with an integrated H20 bladder internally.
      Overall I am extremely pleased with this vest and would enthusiastically recommend them to any-one interested in a highly functional upland vest. I can’t wait to get the game bag a bit bloodier!


      Cuando mi amigo Enrique Taboada me recomendó un chaleco WINGWORKS, para la caza en las Islas Canarias, donde la ortografía del terreno es tan abrupta, y tan exigente, y todo esto con altas temperaturas, ya que en las islas, cazamos en pleno verano, nunca llegué a imaginar que mi cuerpo iba a estar rodeado por el ROLLS ROYCE de los chalecos de caza, es resistente, con capacidad de carga, compensado, elimina el calor con rapidez,fácil alcance de los depósitos de los cartuchos, para la recarga del arma y aunque no es precisamente ligero, no se siente que lo llevas puesto, por eso quiero felicitar al fabricante por hacer este tipo de prendas para la caza, que hacen que el cazador pueda disfrutar de todas la comodidades yo nunca he visto nada tan bueno y especial, gracias muchas gracias, por fabricar esta maravilla!!

      Translated to English:
      When my friend recommended me Enrique Taboada WINGWORKS vest for hunting in the Canary Islands, where the spelling of the terrain is so steep and demanding, and all with high temperatures, as in the islands, hunt in midsummer, I never imagined that my body would be surrounded by the ROLLS ROYCE of hunting vests, resistant, load bearing, offset, removes heat quickly, within easy reach of the deposits of the cartridges to recharge weapon and although not exactly lightweight, do not feel you’re wearing it, so I want to congratulate the manufacturer to do this type of clothing for hunting, making the hunter can enjoy all the comforts I have never seen anything as good and special thank you thank you very much for making this wonder!




    22. Tom and Jim Liddicoat says:

      I purchased a vest for my son Jim for his birthday, so nice that I had to get one for myself!!!
      Awesome quality, awesome customer service! Can’t wait to hit the woods in a few weeks, thank you very much for an enjoyable purchase.

      Tom and Jim Liddicoat
      Waunakee WI and Eau Claire WI

    23. Jim Keating says:

      Every chance I get I share the merits of your vests and I have noticed I am not the only one. I see a lot of positive buzz in publications and with various retailers about your products as well.
      My 6 year dog was injured so I am training a 4 month old GWP. I forgot how much work it is. Hope to have him doing a little hunting by November.
      Hope all is well and you have a great hunting season. Great to see Wingworks doing so well.

    24. Dr Brian Chizdak says:

      I received my ballistic vest this week and put it to the test this week. This vest simply puts all others to shame. The quality is way beyond second to none but the most striking thing is how comfortable it is. I had it fully loaded with both water bottles, a box of shells, a limit if huns (8), a gps, astro controller, tritronics controller and it was like i was carrying nothing. When i got back to the truck and took it off i couldn’t believe how heavy it was. I was also struck by how big a difference it made having the shell pockets off to the side instead if in the front, banging into your thighs with every step. Every other vest is a joke by comparison. To anyone out there who’s contemplating this vest, just order it, you won’t be dissapointed. Very few products will so dramatically increase your enjoyment on a hunt-this one will. This vest is worth twice what it costs.

    25. Andy Anderson says:

      This vest is HANDS DOWN, the best vest you will ever buy. Nothing better. Made by a bird hunter for bird hunters..

    26. Toby says:

      Glad finally someone made a strap vest for chukar hunters. This thing is roomy, and carries a ton of water/birds, without any feeling of weight. The location of the hip pockets and the size is about as close to perfect as it can get. Pulled a 14 mile hunt this last saturday, and never felt like I had a pack on.

      One thing may needing some attention is that the hip pockets do not protect from much of the elements even when closed. Luckily, the pockets are deep, so keys, wallet and other importants will not fall out (also help they dont sit in front, the pockets).

      Would recommend this to anyone that uplands hunts, especially if you are putting in some up/down rimrock miles.

    27. Tim Patton says:

      Just got my Ballistic Upland Vest. The quality is outstanding. Can’t wait for next October to try it out. Thanks WingWorks!

    28. Rick Fitzpatrick says:

      As a professional gun dog trainer and professional upland guide that hunts 5 out of 7 days from Sept through March.
      I find the WW Vest to be very well made, very rugged and very functional.
      I needed a vest that would hold up day in and day out that wouldn’t snag or tear in some of the harshest terrain. I came upon the WW vest about 3 or 4 years ago and is my GO TO vest everytime.
      When I do get the rare chance to hunt myself, the one thing I absolutely love about this vest is the deep pockets, SHELLS ACTUALLY STAY IN THE POCKETS when I bend over to pick up a bird or tie my boot laces. I love that! Many, many vests out there have this problem with shells falling out and is very frustrating, especially if you have a couple inches of snow on the ground.
      Not only is the vest made very well and rugged, another big bonus of this company, is the fact that Bob the owner of the company offers unparalleld customer service.
      Thanks Bob…I feel very fortunate to have come upon this product.

    29. Jim from WV says:

      I have had one of your vest for 4 years, the vest has been in SD, Minn, and WV in the pheasant field or the grouse woods it performs very well. I have had the grouse for 2 years and they are the cats meow, the vest also has two electronics pouches one for my astro320 and the other for the tritronics upland g3. The way the waist belt distributes the wait, for a 65 year old grouse hunter, I can go almost as long as my GSP’s.

      Thanks alot for the best vest I have ever owned and since 1961 when I started I have owned a bunch.


    30. Doug Sandula, Saginaw MI says:

      I’m glad I finally placed an order after studying WW website for a year or two. I’ve purchased 2 Filson bird coats and 2 of their hunting vests over the years. Excellent garments, but there’s compromises with all of them. There’s no compromises with the WW vest. It combines the robust waist belt of a good backpack with all the features a bird hunter could ask for in hunting vest. It holds everything one needs to safely hunt a day in the woods with incredible weight distribution engineering. You can put 20 + lbs of gear and water in it and hardly know you have it on. My advice to any hunter, especially the new or younger hunter is to save your money by investing in the WW vest. I just posted a YouTube video comparing the WW to my Filson products at staring my Brittany!

    31. TW, Bozeman MT says:

      I was a Quilomene guy for quite a while. Only problem was weight bearing. I decided to bite on the WW and am very pleased. I hunt high country in SW Montana for blue grouse. September is usually quite warm so I need to carry a lot of H2O for the dog, altogether about 110 oz’s. I also carry a .41 and bear spray. I also carry small binos, a camera, and a dog 1st aid kit. Add shells, a snack, and misc small accessories and I am carrying quite a load. This vest handles it all, distributing the weight on my hips, making the carry quite comfortable. It took a little creativity to mount the handgun holster and bear spray but overall everything works quite well. Minus the .41, bear spray and some H20 for later hunts for huns and pheasants, this vest will be even more comfortable. Highly recommended.

    32. Kyle from SD says:

      This will be my 19th year upland hunting is SD. I have looked for the perfect field vest or jacket and hadn’t found it yet. I have several coats and strap vest by well known makers and was not satisfied. I thought about the purchase for a WW vest for a long time and held off because of the price. It is the best money I have spent.
      I always had trouble with the weight on my shoulders causing neck pain. This system with the back pack style belt fixed that. The water carrying ability was what sold me on this vest and the weight distribution is what will make me sell all of my other vests and coats. It was well worth the money plus it is made in America and the customer service was great.

    33. Michael Young, Missoula MT says:

      I’ve had my vest for a few years, and complement you on the attention to fit, durability, efficiency, and quality. I’ve covered a couple hundred miles while wearing it, and–save for the blue grouse and chukar feathers in the game bag–it still looks almost new. Simply put, this vest is a well-conceived tool that adds to my enjoyment of the hunt.

    34. Greg Bruns says:

      This was by far the best birthday present I have given myself, and I have given some nice presents, a Pudelpointer 3 years before the vest last year. I no longer get a sore neck and shoulders from carrying enough water for the dog and myself in the pheasant fields of MN, SD, & ND or the grouse woods in MN & WI. The weight is distributed very well, which allows me to hunt as long as my PP. Wish I would have purchased it 20 years ago!

    35. WDJ says:

      When I made the switch from a an old fashioned hunting vest to a Bird’n Lite Upland Strap Vest the new technology made a world of difference when chasing after chukar all day. After several years and being intrigued by all of the good reviews, I switched from the Bird’n Lite vest to the WingWorks Ballistic vest and the difference was as dramatic as it was before. The well thought out design and quality of construction is unsurpassed by anything else I’ve hunted with, seen or read about. I highly recommend this vest and kudos to WingWorks for designing such a superior product!

    36. Don says:

      I am a fortunate guy. I hunt upland birds from the tundra in Alaska; (ptarmigan)pheasants in Wa. Or. and the Dakotas; and chukar in Hells Canyon and the Steens. killed my first chukar in 1967. Life is good and I’ve been lucky. Life got even better when my better half decided she was tired of being left behind, bought herself a GSP, a Benelli ultra light 20ga. and announced she was going with me.
      Years ago I purchased a Quilomene vest and thought nothing could be better. Tried to get one for the bride but they’re out of production. I could not find anything to compare with the Quilomene vest and and had all but given up when I found Wing Works. A couple of phone calls, outstanding customer service, and I had a vest perfectly fitted for the old girl. She loves it and has pointed out how much better it is than my vest. I tend to agree. I’ll be leaving my quilomene vest in Alaska this summer and getting my own Wing Works for down here.

    37. Wiley G says:

      A few years ago, I was looking for a high quality hunting vest to take me Dove hunting in Texas and Pheasant hunting in Kansas. I originally bought a Filson, but found it to be lacking. Nice story, but very old news. I have owned the WW vest for 5+ years, it is absolutely best in class and highly useful. Thanks for making a high quality product that addresses the needs of the modern upland hunter.

    38. LD LADUE says:


      JANUARY 23,2014

    39. Eric Kress from Missoula MT says:

      Recently purchased the vest and was able to use about 20 days. Fit me very well thanks to the sizing system. Love the shell pockets, never loses shells. Lots of room for clothing layers one needs when sweating to get to the chukars and avoiding the chill when hunting sideways and downhill. Very pleased, thanks. EK

    40. JD Dixon says:

      I have had my WW vest for a while now, and I still believe that it is the best hunting vest you can own. Smart storage, great ergonomics, perfect load bearing capabilities, and easy customization makes the vest something special.

      These vests are tough. I manage to ruin a pair of Filson Double Tin hunting pants every year. I have not been able to destroy this vest (yet, anyway).

      Thank you Wing Works, for bringing brains to the hunting vest!

    41. Jeff in Cincinnati, OH says:

      Purchased the vest for myself as an early Christmas gift. Was fortunate enough to break it in with a limit of roosters and a couple quail Sunday afternoon. The belt systems eliminates the pull and fatigue on my lower back. Shell pockets are positioned perfectly and plenty deep. Room for more gear than I need to carry yet feels like your’e not wearing a vest at all. Gun mounts quickly with no bulky pads and movement is unencumbered. Bob was great to work with and has designed/refined the perfect vest.

    42. John, New Mexico says:

      Great customer service and awesome shipping, needed item ASAP for a hunt and item was shipped on a Sunday, that’s customer service!!! Thank you

    43. Tim Evans, Kansas says:

      I have had just about every vest made. I kept finding things I didn’t like or wanted to improve. I’ve had my WW vest for about 4 years now and I don’t use anything else from early sharptails & chickens to late season pheasants its my go to vest. I just ordered another one.

    44. Wild Whiskey Gun Dogs says:

      I purchased my vest about two years ago, just before a brutal on the legs, but rewarding Hells Canyon hunting trip. I wanted to put some miles on the vest before I commented on its quality and comparison. I use my vest for wild bird hunting and gun dog competitions, and it is by far the best I have owned. I have owned several respectable brands through the years, but the durability, usability and comfort of WingWorks vest are unmatched. Purchase this vest and you will quickly notice that it was designed by a true bird hunter. Thanks for the awesome product!

      P.S. My dogs and I now know, why they call it Hells Canyon! Lol

    45. Rob Wilson says:

      Got a WW vest about 7 years ago and have enjoyed using it for pheasant hunting in Montana and the Dakotas. The great suspension system and pockets allows me to carry enough water for the dog, plus my Leatherman tool, first aid kit, lunch, etc., and plenty of ammo in an organized manner and without undue fatigue. I’d also like to give two thumbs up for the customer service! This is truly a great product by an excellent company.

    46. Jeff Kershner says:

      I’ve used the WW vest for 6 seasons and it is by far the best vest I’ve used. My only beef has been the early water bottles tend to be too snug in the holders for some reason but the newer ones are much better. Having used other vests from other manufacturers I’d have to say this vest is the best. The ability to carry lots of water for the dog and the hunter is a bonus and the design of the compartments is perfect for carrying all that you need. I appreciate the attention to detail and the durability of this vest.

    47. Mike S says:

      I got my first WingWorks vest when the company had just started. I have had these vests for years of use from Saskatchewan to Southern Arizona and Michigan to California. I think I have hunted every species of upland bird in the USA and Canada with my WingWorks. My old Filson strap vest is still hanging in the garage where I left it after my first hunt in a WingWorks vest.

      I can’t say enough good things about the product or the company.

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