Tooled Leather Holsters for Garmin Astros and Alpha


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Built like our Latigo Holsters, the Tooled Herman Oak Holsters are designed to hang upside down from vest harness base D rings, and from various points on a saddle.   This positioning allows a quick pick up, check, and drop of holsters with one hand while on the move.  This style of carry worked great with the first 2 Astros, but sometimes requires use of the Screen Lock feature on the Alphas when in thick cover or rough going.  The Alpha touch screen can move around and even change settings otherwise.

We like the shorter geared Fixed Clip version for use on the vest harness base D rings to prevent twisting and bouncing on the Alpha touch screen.

The traditional Swivel Clip version leaves a longer strap length somewhat more suitable to view from a saddle.

There’s a text input box above for initials or to describe extra tooling requests.  For recovery info we recommend a brass dog collar tag with your info riveted to the holster exterior.

Tooled Holsters are made in Herman Oak Leather, with brass snaps and fasteners.  One holster fits 220 and 320 Astro units, another fits the Alpha 100.



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Garmin GPS Model

Astro 220, 320, Alpha 100

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Fixed Clip, Swivel Clip


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