Shoulder Mount Holsters for Garmin Astro and Alpha




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The new shoulder mount holsters gets the Garmin handhelds up and out of the impact zone for hunters in thick cover, a good combination for a Wingworks Vest set up with Grouse Pockets.  Some horseback hunters and handlers may like this option to avoid any bouncing around and inadvertent touch screen changes on Alphas, also for foot hunters who don’t need constant access to the units ( those hunters may prefer the Fixed Clip Holsters instead).

Shoulder Mount Holsters will fit all Garmin dog tracking handhelds with the screen side facing the hunter’s body.  There’s a hole in the holster bottom to help push the units up and out of the snug holster fit.

Available only in oak tooling leather in either plain or basket weave, with or without initials.  

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Tooled, Plain


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