Hickman’s HD “Y” Back Suspenders, Sage w/Brass Fittings


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These are the best built, detailed and most durable suspenders we’ve found, built by an Idaho saddle maker with highest grade leather components.  We recommend they be used with metal “rivet-style” buttons like the Bucksaw Buttons or others.  They are easy to install and replace the sewn-on buttons included on many hunting pants.

If you’ve never used suspenders, here are a few benefits. Hunting pants can be heavy, from Carhartts to Filsons, and they are more versatile over the season if sized a bit larger than normal for long underwear and heavy socks and boots.  Without suspenders, they often require regular adjustment.  Comfort is another issue.  The body moves easier within a looser un-belted pant with less body restriction to surprise shots at game.  Never needing to adjust a belt or tuck in a shirt  is another benefit.
The western standard is the traditional V back design in Sage 1 1/2″ elastic webbing with button down connections.   Measuring for fitting is important since there is a limited adjustment range of 4.5  inches on the two front buckles.
Suspender Sizing
1)  Pull your britches up!  Common problem is not realizing pants will ride a little higher with stiff suspenders.
2)  Measure from the top of your right front belt loop over the shoulder to the top of your back center belt loop.
3)  Order the size that matches your measurement most closely.

Sizes Length of Suspender Generally fits people:
Small 39-41  inches  Under 5’9″
Medium 42-44  inches  5’9″ to 5’11”
Large 45-47  inches  5’10” to 6’3″
X- Large 48-50  inches  6’2″ to 6’6″

  2X Large -51-53

 4) Note:  Measuring is the most reliable, but if you can’t then order by height.  



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