Counter Assault Bear Deterrent, 8.2 oz



Of the several size canisters made by Counter Assault, the 8.2 oz size fits comfortably in the front pouch on the newer Wingworks Long Pockets.  This offers easy access to a non-lethal alternative to putting off a variety of critters.  Anything with eyes and a nose will be forced to deal with lots of irritation.

This is a powerful spray not meant for humans, and not to be left around for kids to experiment with.  If it goes off in a vehicle it can be a serious issue for anyone nearby, not to mention upholstery.

In average hands, bear spray is said to be the most effective tool against bear attack.  The idea is to create a wall of spray the bear walks into with maximum effect on eyes and nose.  This is a small size, and in some areas another back-up or larger canister stored elsewhere may be necessary.2016PocketBeariPhoneDetail



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